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    Legion Guild Invintation


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    Legion Guild Invintation Empty Legion Guild Invintation

    Message par LILITEMPO le Lun 14 Mar 2016 - 7:46

    Legion Guild Invintation W3rpAzz

    Legion Ragnarok Invintation

    We glad to invite you in our server.

    Some server information :

    WOE 2.0 Only
    International Server
    3sided VPS Tunnel for NA\SA ; EUROPE ; SEA\ASIA
    Guild Locations with Privilege (INCLUDED IN GUILD PACK)
    Realized BG with Enchant Armor from Badge

    Rates : x75\75\10
    Normal Card Drop : 1%
    WoE Card Drop : 3% (Marc, Evil Druid, Thara Frog, Horn, Noxious, Green Ferus, Matyr, Zerom, Raydric, Alligator)
    MVP Card Drop : 0.01
    A lot of Custom Quest, Costume Hats, Casual Content

    [size=150]WOE Tournament Every Month With Real Prizes[/size] [size=150]($)[/size]

    Formation : Double Elemination GVG 11+1
    Prize Pool : 100$ From Administration + 10% From Donation

    If you need more info, please contact me on our forum or skype : pedocorp

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